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Influencers Are a New Class of Travel Agents — But Lack the Right Tools

Originally published in PhocusWire

For many, “travel agent” sounds like an anachronistic job title, conjuring images of shoulder pads and strip malls, corded telephones and desktop computers with cathode-ray tube monitors. Indeed, ever since the advent of online booking, travel industry watchers have been predicting the demise of traditional travel agents. But in reality, travel agencies are still estimated to be a $72 billion industry in the United States alone, and upwards of $450 billion globally. Travel agents haven’t disappeared, many have just swapped the drab offices and chunky monitors for ring lights and smartphones.

In this story for travel industry publication PhocusWire, Betsy Mulé explores the opportunities awaiting startups who can build useful tools to help influencers step into their newfound role as modern travel agents.

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Influencers still need an easy way to monetize their efforts, and travelers need the follow-on details to recreate their favorite influencers’ experiences for themselves.