Jay Desai
David Berkowicz, M.D.
Boston, MA
Health IT and Services
Year Invested

Patients get care from many providers. When these caregivers don’t coordinate, it’s dangerous and expensive.

Could this be improved by solving a communication problem?

That’s what Jay Desai and David Berkowitz believed. So they co-founded PatientPing, a community of providers coordinating patient care through real-time notifications across facilities, networks, and even states. When we met Jay and David, they had recently founded the company and were sharing co-working space. We were immediately impressed with their industry knowledge, passion, and vision for improving provider coordination across the continuum of care. F-Prime led the company’s seed investment and welcomed Jay and David into our offices as they began to build the team, develop product, and close early customers.

During the following year of sharing space and snacks, we enjoyed being close to the company as it scaled to ten team members and prepared for their Series A, which F-Prime was pleased to co-lead with GV. Since then, PatientPing has rapidly built a vast national network that enables thousands of providers around the country to share information in real time and better coordinate patient care.

Since early on, when F‑Prime generously shared the office you see in the picture, the team has consistently and thoughtfully supported us. They’ve been a terrific partner.

— Jay Desai, CEO