We create and invest in leading companies in therapeutics, medtech, and health IT & services.


Thirty products and drugs approved

With another 12 drugs in phase 3. Typically, only 1 in 5,000 drugs makes it from idea to market.


Twenty nine companies created from scratch

If we can't find a company solving an important problem, we create one ourselves - just like we did with Innovent, Denali, Beam and Prime Medicine to name a few.


Over two and a half billion dollars over nine funds

Without the pressure of fundraising from outside investors, we're privileged to champion companies that help heal the world.




  • Zenflow is a medical device company developing the Spring Implant for patients with benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH). Learn more at

  • Creating the industry’s first shared development platform backed by a shared data record, Zus aims to bring about a better health data reality by empowering a wave of new, digital-first healthcare builders who will create digital health technologies and services that are cheaper, more customizable, and more personalized. This vision drives Zus to proactively connect the largest array of traditional medical providers to novel health data sources so that health data becomes frictionless to use.  Learn more at

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