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F-Prime’s Summer Internship Program: Meet our 2023 interns and fellows

Thank you to our interns and fellow for their contributions this summer and for choosing F-Prime!

This summer, F-Prime was thrilled to welcome a talented cohort of interns and fellows to our Cambridge and London offices to help with competitive landscape analysis, sourcing, founder calls, and more. Read on to learn what it’s like to join our internship program.

“I have been able to explore new thematic areas in which the team was still building its knowledge base. By getting deep into the science and innovation through meeting entrepreneurs and academics, I have added to the team’s thinking and identified potential plays which culminated in presentations to the partners. A special shout out to Ana and Martin for the mentorship and support over the summer!”


“My time was split between assisting with an ongoing deal — leading a summer exploration project — and taking part in meetings with potential investments. I’ve had a great time in all of these activities, but I particularly enjoyed being an integral part of a deal team. Between self-guided research into standards of care, calls with key opinion leaders, diving into the relevant primary literature, and doing some basic market forecasting, I was able to leverage the clinical and research training I’ve received and develop so many new skills along the way.”


“I have been researching the biotech landscape of foreign markets and performing due diligence on interesting licensing opportunities abroad. I have also participated in many introductory and follow-up meetings with prospective US-based companies, where my research expertise and previous work experience have been invaluable in helping me evaluate each opportunity. I’ve learned a lot throughout the summer and was able to connect with people at all professional levels and across disciplines. One important skill I’ve been able to develop during my time at F-Prime is learning how to become versed in a new area of science within days, which is quite different from my Ph.D. experience of developing deep expertise in one area over many years.”


“I joined the F-Prime/FBRI team primarily due to the invaluable opportunity to collaborate with individuals deeply committed to fostering and accelerating my personal learning and professional growth. Although it is a lean team, I am fortunate because it translates to more one-on-one attention. I am getting opportunities to actively participate in diverse projects that make me feel valued as an individual, and that my contributions are noticed and appreciated (even as an intern!).”


“I was drawn to F-Prime because of the learning culture at the firm. I wanted to play a role in the translation of good ideas into real medicines and the firm has amazing people doing exactly that. On virtually every topic I encounter, there is a resident expert at the firm who can help me in framing my thinking. This ability to get to the right answer faster makes everyone more productive.

I also want to highlight that the deals the firm sees are a function of its reputation. People want to invest with F-Prime because they know they’ll not only receive capital but also an engaged partner who can help them along the trajectory of the company. This means that we see some of the most interesting ideas that will shape the future of medicine and often get to take part in their realization.”


“One of the exhilarating projects I’ve been involved in is the thematic research on Gen AI x Fintech. The possibilities with breakthrough technology like Gen AI are awe-inspiring. I find it fascinating to delve into its potential for the future and hear how visionary entrepreneurs contemplate disrupting the financial services landscape. It’s been an incredible journey so far, and I’m eagerly looking forward to sharing the outcomes of our research.”


“I have always planned to spin out my PhD research but had no idea how VCs actually decide to fund these projects. I joined to learn how other spinouts and startups pitch to VCs and learn about the decision processes that VCs make.”

Applications for 2024 are not open yet, but if you are interested in learning more, please send an email to