Anastasiya is an Associate with F-Prime Capital’s London team, focusing on healthcare investments. Prior to joining F-Prime in 2022, Ana was an Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company’s London office specializing in Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products with projects spanning due diligence, business strategy and operations. She had also worked as a Strategy Consultant at Advancy in London, contributing to vendor and buy-side due diligence projects across a range of industries.

Ana holds a Ph.D. in Stem Cell Biology and Medicine from the University of Cambridge (UK), a MSc in Molecular and Cell Biology from École normale supérieure (Paris, France) and a BSc in Biology from Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (Ukraine).

Ana’s Ph.D. research focused on studying transcriptional and signaling regulation of early human development using stem cell models. She developed and applied new protein degradation strategies to elucidate the transcription factor networks involved in primordial germ cell specification. Ana’s other research interests include epigenetics, cell and gene therapy, synthetic biology, alternative protein and biofuels.

  • Peptone is an innovative drug discovery company applying advanced biophysics, atomic-level experimental approaches, cutting-edge supercomputing and machine learning to the challenge of biopharmaceutical research and development. By bringing these proprietary approaches together, we are exploring the world of intrinsically disordered proteins (IDPs) – proteins without a fixed structure that play a significant role in health and disease – opening up the possibility of novel therapeutics against an entire class of high value and previously undruggable targets. Learn more at peptone.io.

  • Shift Bioscience (Shift) is a Cambridge, UK-based biotechnology company focused on safe cellular reprogramming for rejuvenation. The company leverages a proprietary cellular age clock and an active machine learning approach to discover novel factors for safer cellular rejuvenation without the use of pluripotency-inducing reprogramming genes. Shift aims to enable the development of reprogramming-based therapeutics to prevent and treat age-associated diseases. Learn more at www.shiftbioscience.com.

  • T-Therapeutics is a next-generation T cell receptor (TCR) company spun off from the University of Cambridge. The company was created to harness the power of T cell biology, evolved over millions of years, to create safe and effective treatments for many cancers and autoimmune diseases. Learn more: https://t-therapeutics.com/