Siyu Shi is an Associate at F-Prime Capital and works across the healthcare sub-sectors including Therapeutics, MedTech, and Healthcare IT and Services, and also closely with the Eight Roads Ventures China team to manage F-Prime’s existing and new investment efforts in China. Prior to joining F-Prime Capital, Siyu consulted for biotech start-ups and investment funds.

Siyu’s research focused on artificial intelligence and data science in healthcare at the Stanford Machine Learning Group, including projects in rare disease detection in imaging, self-supervised learning with sound data, transformer model for heart attack prediction, causal inference for heterogenous treatment effects, and oncology outcome research. Previously, she also worked on biomaterials and peptide chemistry at Rice University and MIT.

Siyu holds an MD and a MS in Epidemiology from Stanford School of Medicine, as well as an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

  • Adcentrx is a biotechnology company focused on accelerating breakthroughs in protein conjugate therapeutic development for cancer and other life-threatening diseases. By combining the targeting precision of biologics and the disease-fighting power of small molecule payloads, Adcentrx strives to develop next-generation targeted therapies for improving patient treatment options. Learn more: https://www.adcentrx.com/

  • Alternative Bio’s mission is to translate the discovery of novel protein synthesis regulatory nodes into first-in-class precision medicines to treat the most challenging cancers. The company’s vision is to establish itself as a global pioneer in this new research space as it advances breakthrough therapies to benefit cancer patients worldwide.

  • Through the synergies of cross-disciplinary collaboration and technological innovation, EurekaBio has consistently pushed the boundaries of therapy. EurekaBio has brought forth advanced cellular drug production solutions and the EuLV™ lentiviral vector platform. These breakthroughs, including high-titer stable lentiviral vector packaging and producer cell lines, are poised to play a pivotal role in the global commercialization of CGT drugs. Our ultimate aim is to bring tangible benefits to patients worldwide by ushering in a new era of advanced and accessible therapies. Learn more: https://www.eurekabio.com/

  • FCB Health is a health insurance and services company that aims to resolve the longstanding financial burden of rising medical expenses in rural China.


  • K36 Therapeutics was established with the mission to translate epigenetic modulation of oncogenic pathways into first-in-class small molecule therapies. Its vision is to create breakthrough therapies for the unmet medical needs of cancer patients worldwide. Learn more at https://www.k36tx.com/.

  • MediTrust Health is a provider of payment services for medical healthcare. The company is dedicated to helping patients solve their own medical payment problems through financial insurance, manage medical expenses more efficiently, and providing value to patients around medical finance, curative effect insurance, and drug benefits, helping patients manage their medical expenses. Learn more at www.meditrusthealth.com.

  • OnCusp Therapeutics, Inc., headquartered in New York City, is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to transforming cutting-edge preclinical innovation into clinically validated treatments for cancer patients worldwide. OnCusp was co-founded by Dr. Bing Yuan, Dr. Eric Slosberg, and Dr. Andy Fu, and has built a strong team of accomplished veterans with proven track records in building startup biotechs, leading successful preclinical and clinical programs, and creating value through global partnerships. The company is committed to accelerating the advancement of globally competitive oncology assets for patients. Learn more: https://www.oncusptx.com/

  • OriGynMED is a developer of medical devices designed for women’s health. The company is mainly engaged in developing various gynecology medical devices such as hysterectomy cold knife and functional hysteroscope, enabling client to improve treatment effect. Learn more at www.origynmed.com.

  • Silexon is an emerging AI-empowered technology company which aims to create an open AI platform for strategic collaboration in order to facilitate data-driven life science research and empower drug R&D process, and ultimately provide patients with greater access to innovative drugs for unmet medical needs.  Learn more at www.silexon.tech.

  • Skyline Therapeutics (formerly Geneception) is a fully-integrated gene and cell therapy based in Hangzhou and Shanghai, China.  Founded by F-Prime Capital, Eight Roads Ventures China and Lilly Asia Ventures in 2018, Skyline’s mission is to become a preeminent gene and cell therapy company, working to deliver world-class therapeutics for patients in China and globally.

  • TandemAI is an advanced technology company dedicated to reinventing drug discovery infrastructure. The company integrates proprietary AI-driven and physics-based high-performance computation with its efficient, large-scale in-house wet lab operations to deliver a turnkey drug discovery solution. Learn more at www.tandemai.com.