March 6, 2018

VitalWare’s™ Medical Necessity Edits Now Used Nationwide with New Partnership

VitalWare™, the leading provider of healthcare mid-revenue cycle SaaS solutions, confirmed another major partnership with a nationally known large healthcare IT company serving providers, payers and consumers. These partnerships center on utilizing VitalIntelligence™, VitalWare’s comprehensive Medical Necessity data files to power multiple applications.

VitalIntelligence is VitalWare’s B2B solution, giving partners on demand access to over 175 proprietary and public regulatory coding, compliance and reimbursement data sets through integration tools and web services. Partners often site VitalIntelligence’s ability to quickly deliver data in many formats (to meet needs) as a core reason for choosing VitalWare. Whether it’s through web services, raw data feeds, or private-labeled web components, VitalIntelligence is chosen consistently by partners for its amazing flexibility, and comprehensive content delivery system via VitalWare’s private cloud.

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