August 11, 2017

Orient Speech Therapy Center Ltd. Collaboration First for China

Australia – In a ground-breaking first for both countries, The University of Newcastle (UON) has partnered with Orient Speech Therapy Center Limited (OST) to develop a world-class speech pathology training program for its clinics in China.

In its early stage of development in China, speech pathology is not offered at a tertiary level, contributing to an inadequate supply of speech pathologists treating serious conditions including autism, swallowing/feeding skills and speech therapy after cleft palate repair.

Recognising the vast and immediate needs of its more than one billion population, OST sought the help of UON’s global speech pathology curriculum expert, Dr Sally Hewat, to create a cutting-edge training programme, helping to produce China’s first cohort of world-class speech pathologists.

OST’s CEO, Edward Yiu said the collaboration was a vital step in advancing China’s burgeoning speech pathology industry. “This is the first time anyone has brought together speech pathology clinical practice and academic rigor to this degree in China so what we are doing is quite ground-breaking. It signals exciting advancements in the standards of speech pathology clinical practice in China, which are crucial to support the rapid growth of this emerging industry.”

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