August 2, 2017

Protenus Profile: This Baltimore startup is trying to keep your hospital records safe from cyberattacks

Understandably so, it’s pretty easy for people to gain access to medical records in hospitals. Various physicians, nurses and, sometimes, medical students need to be able to easily update a patients’ record every time they treat them.

But, on the flip side, it’s pretty easy for outside hackers to gain access, too, as seen in the May WannaCry ransomware attacks that targeted 16 hospitals in the England as part of its hacks.

That’s where Baltimore-based startup Protenus comes in.

Founded by two Johns Hopkins University alumni, Protenus is part-health tech startup, part-cybersecurity company. Aimed at protecting data for healthcare providers, the startup tracks the activity of those who usually update a patients’ medical records — physicians, nurses, medical students — and creates a profile. If anything pops up that’s out of the usual, Protenus’ systems alert the appropriate parties.

“As medical students, we could just go in and edit those records, and that creates a real problem for healthcare because you have to give people more access and assume that they are doing it to help the patient,” said co-founder Nick Culbertson in an interview. “But, at the same time, it really depends on the individual to follow through on that in the industry.”

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