April 10, 2018

PatientPing Expands Care Coordination Platform into Hospitals and Emergency Departments Nationwide to Identify High Utilizers and Reduce Readmissions

BOSTON — PatientPing, a health technology company that connects providers to seamlessly coordinate patient care, today announced the nationwide expansion of their “Stories” offering to help emergency department (ED) providers and case managers improve care within the emergency and inpatient setting. Stories, or real-time patient clinical and administrative context at the point of care, contain a patient’s in- and out-of-network visit and utilization history, diagnosis data, prescription histories, care team contact information, care guidelines as well as program affiliation.

“Data-sharing is more important than ever to improve patient care and outcomes, and we look forward to working with our long-time partner PatientPing to implement Stories in Connecticut,” said Anthony Dias, Vice President, Data Services, Connecticut Hospital Association. “ChimeData, part of the Connecticut Hospital Association, is pleased to work with PatientPing to leverage real-time data flow from hospitals to improve healthcare delivery. We’re pleased that PatientPing’s capabilities are complementing the hard work of Connecticut hospitals and other providers to support high quality, coordinated care for complex patients.”

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