January 23, 2018

Aclaris Therapeutics Making Age Spots a Thing of the Past

Aging can bring unwelcome surprises, like crusty brown spots that gradually appear on your face, neck or trunk.

They’re called unflattering names: age spots, barnacles or, God help us, senile warts, but physicians know them as seborrheic keratosis lesions, or SK lesions, for short. They come in as many varieties as apples at a farmers’ market: waxy, warty, raised or flat. The good news is they’re benign.

Of course, that doesn’t stop many of the 83 million Americans who have them from kvetching. Sometimes the lesions itch, bleed or get irritated by a belt or a bra strap, but for the most part, they’re simply an unwelcome reminder that there’s much in life that’s out of our control.

And there hasn’t been an easy cosmetic treatment, until now.

On Dec. 14, the Food and Drug Administration approved a first-of-its-kind liquid called Eskata that targets these unsightly spots. By late April, people who have the means and the patience to sit through at least two visits to their dermatologist’s office can get rid of some raised spots.

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